The fact that northeast nigeria is still in conflict has made it very difficult for the victims , especially those still returning home, to tell their stories .

hajja hamsatu allamin, founder of allamin foundation for peace and development (AFPD), Noted that the victims in northern nigeria still face numerous human right violations.

even at the (internally displaced person IDPs Camp) there have been cases of rape by security personnel’s and vigilantes in the camp . one of the survivors , a 16 years old girl has a four month old baby , (allegedly from a policeman in the IDPs camp). due to this form of treatment, many have gone ahead to be sex workers. some survivors are being given away in cheap marriages by their parents.

ms. hamsatu allamin also describe her work to support young girls who were abducted by boko haram. she stated by organizing them into social networks in safe spaces providing them life skills, confidence building, self-esteem and empowerment workshops. she then matched existing programs with a grant so that survivors could explore their skills. she noted, however, that there are still numerous obstacle to surmount as many more survivors are emerging, wanting to be part of the network. affected survivors in the (IDPs Camp) do not have access to food on a constant basis. she appeals to the nigerian government to take responsibility for victims and for children born during captivity.

interactions with human right organizations during the workshop renewed hope for victims in northern nigeria. at the federal ministry of justice, and the national human rights commission the government bodies pledged their commitment towards addressing the plight of survivors and encouraged that victims be supported to write petitions aimed at addressing their issues.


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