Training Network Members of Jire Dole on Cosmetology


The Allamin Foundation’s Trained its Network Members

From 5th to 25th September 2022, twenty (20) beneficiaries  trained in cosmetology organized by Allamin Foundation. The making of various products learned by the beneficiaries include bath soap, liquid soap, Air-Freshener, Petroleum Jelly, bleach (hypochlorite) and Izal germicide. The beneficiaries learned professional attitudes and knowledge of the selected products and demonstrated abilities to produce all they were taught.

The beneficiaries also learned safety precautions including safe practices and conditions upon which medical advice must be sought. All the participants, through a “do-as-I-do” practical approach by the facilitator produced different cosmetology products by themselves and reported increased abilities to produce all the enlisted products on their own.

Allamin Foundation plans to support the beneficiaries with cash and startup kits to set up small businesses that can enable them earn an income and livelihood support. The trained beneficiaries have demonstrated improved skills and enthusiasm to set up and manage a business from the skills they have acquired.

Mohammed Bako


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