About Us

Allamin Foundation is a not for profit, non – political, non – religious and non – governmental peace building organization. It was registered in response to very low and pervasive literacy level, widespread abject poverty and long period of neglect suffered in the North East Region of Nigeria that led to emergence of the Boko Haram Insurgency in Borno, from where it spread to the entire region, across to Northern Nigeria, and extended to the West African sub-region, with consequent Humanitarian and social crisis that could not be responded to by local actors due to lack of capacity.


To secure informed and peaceful societies where sustainable livelihoods and good governance thrives.


The Foundation envisions a society where sustainable peace and peaceful coexistence is entrenched as co value.


To significantly reduce the entrenched culture of silence in our society, and empower stakeholders to take responsibility of managing their conflict and Grievances in a non violent manner.


The aim and objects of the Foundation are to:

  1. Forge a peaceful relationship among various cultures, ethnic and religious inclinations
  2. Create viable platforms for developing skills for conflict resolution, mitigation and management and general peace building.
  3. Harness Nigerians cultural values to promote unity, peaceful coexistence and good governance.
  4. Initiate, support and undertake studies and research that seek to build mutual confidence and trust, as well as conflict management and general peace building
  5. Modeling peacemaking values and respect Human Rights.
  6. Work to achieve any other aim and objects that is incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the objects or which may in the opinion of its Trustees be advantageously or conveniently executed by ways of extension of, or in connection with its aims or is calculated directly or indirectly to develop the Foundation.
Hamsatu A. N. Allamin, Founder/Executive Director