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The Insurgents Next Door

The Gathering Storm They were the golden boys of Maiduguri. Good kids from good families. University students with hopes of changing the world. And then they were gone. One by one or with their friends, they dropped out of school, abandoned their studies in economics, science, engineering, or tore up

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Early Outreach and Advocacy

Konduga Days A metal box, holding the fancy silver halters befitting the horses of a village chief, landed with a rude clank in the back of the old pickup. So, it’s come to this, Hamsatu sighed, watching as the last of her family’s belongings was loaded in for relocation to a

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Becoming Hamsatu Allamin

Early Lessons Sitting sideways on the crossbar of the bike, Hamsatu gripped the center of the handlebars as her father, pedaling hard, navigated the winding, narrow roads of Maiduguri. They were on their way to Gamboru Jr. Primary School where Hamsatu would begin her education. The morning sun, shining through

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Michele Obama didn’t know Hamsatu Allamin. Neither did Malala Yousafzai, Amy Poehler, Justin Timberlake, and scores of other celebrities. But because of a press conference Hamsatu, a human rights activist, spearheaded in her home city of Maiduguri, Nigeria, in April of 2014, those celebrities and millions of people all over

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Face to Face with Boko Haram

Auntie Boko Haram Hamsatu looked around the rented meeting room in Lagos where a small group had come together in secret to explore the possibility of ending the ever-escalating violence in Borno State. In addition to Hamsatu, the gathering included a barrister, a pastor, an imam, a journalist, and an

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A Conversation With Hamsatu

The following is an edited compilation of questions and answers between Woman PeaceMaker Hamsatu Allamin and her peace writer, Sue Diaz, during the 2016 residency. Hamsatu, help us understand the roots of the current conflict by explaining the British colonial policies in northern Nigeria. Before the partition of Africa by

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