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Jire Dole Monthly Review Meetings

Jire Dole Monthly Review Meetings

From January 2022 to August 2022, Allamin Foundation held Eight (8) monthly meetings with fourteen 14 male and thirteen 13 females leaders of the Foundation’s 8 Jire Dole Networks of victims and survivors, the Foundation’s staff, Legal Team, and Community Mobilizers and volunteers. The overall objective of the meeting is to strengthen social mobilization, making survivor’s and victim’s voices heard on issues affecting women and children, strengthening the network’s capacity to manage its own affairs, share learning on coping strategies and regular engagement of the networks and other victims and victim-relations to plan and implement activities with the Foundation. Leaders of the Jire Dole networks provide updates on data collection as well as enrolment of new members. The participants also draw up action plans for mitigating emerging challenges. Other issues discussed during the meetings include updates on court cases against the Nigerian military by some of the victims, announcements on upcoming trainings and events were also made during the meetings. The participants also gave updates on the various activities they have carried with their respective members during the previous month including successes made, challenges they encountered, and mitigations.

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