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Our Key Activities

A view from a rally held in Lagos, calling for the return of over 200 Nigerian secondary school girls abducted in April by the extremist group Boko Haram. (UN Photo)

Our Key Activities:

  1. Initiated/created a Network of Civil Society Organist ions for Peace as Voice of the Voiceless (out of which the Women Peace and Security Network were also created) in Borno and Yobe States
  • Initiated and held the first national press conference 6 days after abduction of Chibok girls)
  1. Negotiated with state and non state actors, including Boko Haram and for INGOs to reach inaccessible areas
  2. Addressing apathy to western secular education by engaging with Islamic scholars using the radio in a discourse, and developed a modular manual for teaching peace in Islamic schools & and reintegration of victims. The manual has been translated into Arabic, Hausa and Kanuri, awaiting publication so that they could be used in the women weekly  and adult male Islamic schools
  3. Developed a Counter Narrative the Changed Boko Haram to Boko Halal
  4. Built capacity and encouraged local CSOs created safe spaces and Peace Clubs for vulnerable women to share experience, coping strategies and empower with life skills and economically, though multi stakeholder forums with service providers, CSOs and security agencies
  5. A patron of Youth Volunteers for self-defense (CJTF)
  6. Keep diary of daily incidences (2010-present tagged Maiduguri Diaries)
  7. Developed a holistic Community based Reintegration module, combining it with Realignment of Social Norms ion communities where Boko Haram has heavily recruited.
  8. Initiated two Victims and Relations led Initiatives seeking for accountability /justice for victims of enforced disappearance and survivors of mass atrocities – two networks (Jire Dole and KNIFER) have now been created with registered membership of 5200 (all of them mothers and wives of disappeared persons) as a result of arrests by security forces.
  9. Created a Social Network for Survivors of Boko Haram abduction and forced marriage – empowering economically and with skills to continue with their lives.


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